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Whether your student is new to Cunha or a veteran, Cunha pride is evident all over campus and particularly when wearing Cunha blue and white!

CAB is a volunteer-based non-profit corporation whose primary purpose is to give back to the athletic program. All donations go directly back into the program. This includes funding coaches stipends, providing equipment, uniforms, league fees, and any other athletic related items.


Earlier this school year, the school district decided to fully eliminate all funding for Cunha Athletics.  These cuts would take effect in time for the 2020-2021 school year.  


In understanding the importance of the Cunha Athletic program to the coastside community, the Boys and Girls Club has agreed in principle to oversee the program.  They will continue to work with the Cunha Athletic Boosters and staff to ensure that our student-athletes are provided the same opportunities as they had prior to the district cuts.  Further information will be provided as the Boys and Girls Club and Cunha Athletics continue to solidify their partnership.  For more information on the Boys and Girls Club please visit their website.

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